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Our Story

People-oriented principle

The Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand.  They are also a fighting nation with a long. "Koruru" represent the head of Māori ancestor; who leaded the brave and astute Māori society to face new challenges and inspired them to have new thinking and creative ideas.


At “Koruru” our company, we focus on innovation and technology development for our local community. We work with the people-oriented principle, and committed to contacting the community and cooperating with different units to inspire the general public to develop different new electronic experiences.


Launching the Koruru mobile app and Octopus eat+ UnionPay Credit Card co-brand with China Construction Bank (Asia); giving your daily life a boost with exclusive rewards and offers from Koruru partner merchants



Work closely with a brand new retail concept supermarket and create seamless online-to-offline retail experiences; including a mobile app with seamless buy function, e-stamps and more, became the talk of the town topic



Inject new ideas and technology into an old community and to promote the application of technology; including to introduce the shopping mall mobile app, in-app digital map, loyalty program, and member point redemption for free parking and more, to create a digital platform to connect the community



CRM loyalty program enhancement and introducing the all-in-one POS device, which would accept all commonly used e-payment within the market and continue to promote contactless payment in the retail sector



Officially forming Koruru New Retail Limited, positioning the coming into a lifestyle-tech company on promoting smart living and emerging technologies



Introducing loyalty program and “Alipay” payment to the fresh market sector, and promoting a smarter lifestyle



Introducing the first smart fresh market by introducing “Octopus” payment to this traditional sector


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